Classroom for GitHub is available now, making it easier than ever to teach with GitHub.

Classroom for GitHub screenshot

Thousands of teachers use GitHub in their courses every day. They distribute starter repositories, give feedback on pull requests, and collect assignments. In addition to helping teachers provide a better learning experience, teaching with GitHub gives students early exposure to software development best practices like version control, issue tracking, and code review.

Classroom for GitHub makes typically tedious administrative tasks (like creating repositories and managing access for large courses) simple and streamlined.

How it works

Classroom for Github automates repository creation and access control, making it easy for teachers to distribute starter code and collect assignments from students.

Assignments are the core of Classroom for GitHub. Teachers can easily create an assignment and distribute it to students using a private invitation URL. Optional starter code can be provided for individual or group work. It’s even possible to delegate assignment creation and management to co-teachers and teaching assistants by adding them as organization administrators.

Get started

  1. Create an organization
  2. Request free private repositories for your classroom organization (optional)
  3. Create your first assignment with Classroom for GitHub

Open source

Classroom for GitHub is open source and we’d love to have you participate. Check out for information on how to help.

Shout out to GitHub Summer of Code student, Mark Tareshawty, from The Ohio State University for his work on Classroom for GitHub.