Update: TODO Group will not be continuing work on the open code of conduct. See the followup post for more information.

We are proud to be working with the TODO Group on the Open Code of Conduct, an easy-to-reuse code of conduct for open source communities. We have adopted the Open Code of Conduct for the open source projects that we maintain, including Atom, Electron, Git LFS, and many others. The Open Code of Conduct does not apply to all activity on GitHub, and it does not alter GitHub’s Terms of Service.

Open source software is used by everyone, and we believe open source communities should be a welcoming place for all participants. By adopting and upholding a Code of Conduct, communities can communicate their values, establish a baseline for how people are expected to treat each other, and outline a process for dealing with unwelcome behavior when it arises.

The Open Code of Conduct is inspired by the code of conducts and diversity statements from several other communities, including Django, Python, Ubuntu, Contributor Covenant, and Geek Feminism. These communities are leaders in making open source welcoming to everyone.

If your project doesn’t already have a code of conduct, then we encourage you to check out the Open Code of Conduct and consider if your community can commit to upholding it. Read more about it on the TODO Group blog.