Lucia Escanellas is a GitHubber!

Image of Mike Adolphs

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the newest member of the GitHub Enterprise support team in Europe: Lucia Escanellas.

Lucia Escanellas

Lucia is from Montevideo, Uruguay where there are more cows than people (4:1 ratio), and has recently moved to Amsterdam, NL where there’s more water than people (~100000:1 ratio). She studied physics at a University in Paris only to realize she’d prefer to read the whole computer science section from the local bookstore.

If you bump into Lucia, she’ll probably jump into any conversation in French, on Ruby or Rails, Static vs Dynamic programming languages, security, and kittens or cute dogs. When she’s not computing, she likes to watch Tiranos Temblad.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and GitHub.

Welcome to the team, Lucia!