Organizations have always been the best way for teams to work together and collaborate on code. We’re happy to announce major improvements to GitHub organization permissions. These improvements include new customizable member privileges, fine-grained team permissions, and more open communication.


The improved permissions system gives your organization the flexibility to work the way you want. Here are just a few highlights:

  • (Opt-in) Members can view and mention all teams, even when they’re not on those teams.
  • (Opt-in) Members can create repositories without help from an owner.
  • Members can create new teams to self-organize with the people they work with.
  • Owners can give just the right amount of access to contractors and interns by adding them to repositories without giving them the privileges of organization members.
  • And many more! Learn about GitHub’s improved organization permissions.

All of these new features give your organization the ability to work together seamlessly without everyone needing to be an owner.

Once these features launch, organization owners will be able to turn on new permissions as needed. Simply opt-in when you’re ready.

Coming soon

In the next few months, every organization on will have the improved permissions system.