GitHub <3s Japan, and today we’re excited to announce the formation of GitHub Japan G.K., a subsidiary of GitHub, Inc. Our new office in Tokyo is our first official office outside of the United States.

The Japanese developer community

GitHub couldn’t exist without the Japanese open source community — after all, our site is built on Rails, which is built on Ruby, an open source project started in Japan. Japan has historically been one of the most active countries on GitHub, ranking in the top 10 countries visiting since GitHub was founded in 2008. The thriving software community in Japan keeps growing; in 2014, activity on from Japan increased more than 60 percent from the previous year.

GitHub Enterprise in Japan

In addition to an active local open source community, Japanese businesses including Hitachi Systems, CyberAgent and GREE are collaborating and building the best software with GitHub Enterprise. To that end, we’re also announcing that we’ll be partnering locally to provide Japanese language technical support for GitHub Enterprise users, as well as the ability to pay in Japanese Yen in Japan.

Stay up to date

Keep tabs on everything happening in our Tokyo office by following @GitHubJapan on Twitter and checking out We’d also love to see you at our meetup in Osaka on June 6.