GitHub for Windows now makes it even easier to see everything local to your machine, whether it’s uncommitted changes or commits you haven’t synced yet.

One of the things you’ll notice when creating commits is the new, compact list of changed files in your working directory.

Dedicated view of your local changes

GitHub for Windows shows the number of files that a commit changed and lets you drill down to see what changed in a given file.

Commit lists now show number of files and lets you select individual files to view changes for

The updated branch selector now groups your recently used branches so that you can jump straight back in to what you were doing before that pesky hotfix distracted you.

New branch selector lets you see recently checked out branches

We’ve given branch creation a dedicated place in the toolbar. As a bonus, you can pick which branch to base the new one off.

The new create branch popover lets you pick which base branch to use for your new branch

Finally, you can collapse the repository list to reclaim some screen space.

If you have GitHub for Windows installed it will automatically update to the latest version. If you don’t have it installed, download GitHub for Windows from