GitHub Game Off III

GitHub’s Game Off is back, and this year it’s a little different!

The Challenge

Take an existing game or game jam entry on GitHub, fork it and do something awesome with it. You can change the sprites, add a soundtrack, add a new level, port the game to a different platform, or… go plain crazy. Tackle it yourself or team up with some friends. Let your imagination run wild! The theme of the jam is… “the game has changed“!

You’re encouraged to use open source libraries, frameworks, graphics, and sounds in your game, but you’re free to use any technology you want. The only restriction is that the game should be web-based i.e. playable in a web browser.

We’ll feature some of our favorite and most creative entries on the GitHub blog.

Where to start

GitHub is a goldmine of content when it comes to games. Take a look at the following resources to see if there’s one you’d be intersted in forking and jamming on:

Please feel free to suggest others on Twitter using the hashtag #ggo15.


  • If you don’t already have a GitHub account, sign up for a personal account now – it’s free!
  • Be sure to follow @github on Twitter for updates.
  • Once you’ve found a game repository, fork it to your personal or organization GitHub account and get jamming!
  • Make sure your code is pushed to the default branch of your forked repository before April 13th at 13:37pm PDT!
  • Finally, fill out this short form and tell us about your entry by April 13th at 13:37pm PDT.

Comments / Questions / Help