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Third Annual Data Challenge Winners

The entries are in, the votes are tallied, and we've chosen the winners for our third annual Data Challenge! First Place Our first place winner is Issue Stats (repository), by…


The entries are in, the votes are tallied, and we’ve chosen the winners for our third annual Data Challenge!

First Place

Our first place winner is Issue Stats (repository), by @hstove.


Issue Stats tracks the time it takes for your project to close issues or merge pull requests. You can then display this data through a convenient badge in your project’s README file or elsewhere. Issue Stats are easy to get started with, easy to understand, and simple to incorporate into your project — be sure to also check out the other analyses and visualization too.

Second Place

In second place is GitHut (repository), by @littleark.


Moving through the quarters of the calendar year, GitHut compares programming languages by development activity (via active repositories and push volume), collaboration (via forks and issues), social activity (new watchers on GitHub), and the language’s age. GitHut makes it easy to compare and contrast languages over many metrics without overwhelming the viewer.

Third Place

The third place winner is Eigenfaces, by @c-w.


The Eigenfaces project sampled about 8,000 user avatars, after filtering for automatically generated pictures (like Identicons) and other outliers, then used a machine learning technique called principal component analysis to reduce these avatars to the 20 most significant “features”. Each “feature” is interpretable as a shape that contributes significant amounts of variance to the entire body of avatars that were sampled.

Congratulations and Thanks!

Congratulations to our three winners! The first place winner receives travel, lodging, and attendance to Presenting Data and Information, a one-day course offered by Edward Tufte this December in San Francisco. Our second and third place winners will receive cash prizes.

Each year we receive entries that raise the bar for quality and exceed our expectations — this year was no exception. In fact, this year we received a record 79 entries from all over the world! We want to extend our sincere thanks to every individual and team that submitted an entry this year. We’re extremely gratified by the level of craftsmanship and creativity exhibited by your entries, and humbled by the obvious amount of work involved. Thank you!

We hope you enjoyed checking out this year’s winning entries. We can’t wait for next year.

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