We just added more granular permissions so third party applications can specifically request read-only access, read/write access, or full admin access to your public SSH keys.

You’re in control

As always, when an application requests access to your account, you get to decide whether to grant that access or not.

screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4 16 32 pm

Revoke with ease

In addition to these finer-grained permissions, we’re also making it easier to revoke SSH access to your data. If an OAuth application creates an SSH key in your account, we’ll automatically delete that key when you revoke the application’s access.


To help you track security events that affect you, we’ll still email you any time a new key is added to your account. And of course, you can audit and delete your SSH keys any time you like.

You can read about the new changes in more detail on the GitHub Developer site.