Today we’re excited to ship redesigned conversations on GitHub. Here’s an example:

GitHub conversations

More meaningful conversations

Scanning and working with all the content available in conversations—replies, CI status, commits, code review comments—is now easier than ever.


Comments now stand out as the most important elements in a conversation. Comments that you make are also highlighted blue. Anything that isn’t a comment—like commits or issue references—has been subdued to better differentiate content. All of these changes come together to help you focus on what matters most in a particular conversation.

Streamlined layout

We’ve consolidated and moved management tools for Issues and Pull Requests into the sidebar. Add or remove labels, update milestones, subscribe to notifications, and assign people within one spot. Also, you can now manage labels directly on Pull Requests.

Additionally, titles and state indicators (open, closed, or merged) have been moved to a more prominent header to quickly and easily identify the Issue or Pull Request you’re viewing.


See the new conversations today in one of your favorite GitHub repositories.