Pull Requests are key to our collaboration workflow here at GitHub, so today we’re
making it a little easier to stay in the flow of a PR while collaborating
directly on the web.

When viewing the “files changed” tab of any PR, people with push access
to the repository will be able to edit or view files directly on the PR’s branch.
Once you’ve made your change, you’ll be sent straight back to the PR’s diff
to continue the review.

2014-01-10 at 11 46 am

The buttons will always link to the latest version of each file on the branch, enabling rapid-fire
web-based iteration and discussion without having to leave the context of the PR.


ProTip™: If you’re viewing a branch’s version of a file, and want a canonical link that will always
point to this specific version of the file (even if the branch changes it further), hit the y
key on your keyboard, and the page’s URL will change to use the SHA of the latest commit on the branch instead.