Emily Gould is a GitHubber

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GitHub’s Supportocat Superteam is excited to welcome beer authority (and Michael Jackson fangirl) Emily Gould!

The theme of Emily’s Supportocat origin story is connecting people with what they need. Coming to us fresh from the world of professional beer and wine expertise, she’s also taught English in Germany, organized community support for Baltimore public schools, and organized fundraising events (like the Spaghetti Disco) for an inner-city library. Yes, yet another librarian! Didn’t you know librarians are closely related to octo-felis scintillula?

Emily is now rescuing Accounts In Distress, based out of her top secret empathy lab in Dallas, TX. Her other superpowers include:

  • honeyed words that sweeten even the most sour situations
  • secreting diaphanous bug-catching filaments from her fingertips
  • defeating every brisket she meets

Stay tuned for Emily’s further adventures on GitHub and Twitter.