Brian Burridge is a GitHubber

Image of Tim Berglund

We are pleased to welcome @brianburridge to the team. Brian brings his ample development skills and years of experience to GitHub to assist the Training Team in our ever-expanding goal to teach the world.

Brian lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife and two children. Some fun facts about him:

  • He has spent the last five years as the developer for Miley Cyrus’s fan club site.
  • He founded during the 2010 Rails Rumble.
  • He regularly attends and reviews movies.
  • He is a Florida Gators fan.
  • No, seriously: he hasn’t missed watching or listening to a Gator football game since 1988. He even famously worked his wedding and honeymoon schedule around Gator constraints. This guy is in it to win it.
  • He is a first-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, which was awarded to him by Grand Master Kim. Grand Master Kim also trained Chuck Norris. No, we are not making this up.
  • Oh yeah, don’t forget the red belt in Filipino Arnis.

Brian Loves the Gators

You can follow him on GitHub, Twitter, and his blog.