Ivan Zuzak is a GitHubber

Image of Sonya Green

We are vrlo uzbuđeni to welcome Ivan Žužak to the support team!

Ivan hails from the fair city of Zagreb, Croatia. As he is always smiling, you will know him when you see him (if you’ve not confused him with PJ).

Like all GitHubbers, he’s an enigma. He is an international man of over-planning for every situation and outcome, but yet has a secret hoard of four-leaf clovers. He is a recovering software engineer, and his CS educator role has honed his skills of explanation and understanding someone else’s brain. You can catch him experimenting with web APIs, mostly in JavaScript and Python, always as open-source. Ivan will be bringing inherent classiness, as his people invented the cravat. He is built to support GitHub.

You can find Ivan on GitHub and Twitter.