Humans have enjoyed our new code search for a while, and today we’re ready to share that joy with the machines. 🔍

With the new code search API, we’ve taken the full power of GitHub’s search and made it available in the API. You can search by file extension and language, filter by number of forks or stars, and use all the other search qualifiers you’ve come to know and love.


In addition to finding specific files that match your search, you often want to find the exact location of your search terms inside that file. On, we present code snippets for each file, and we highlight the matching text.


We want API consumers to have access to that information as well. The API provides the same snippets, along with metadata identifying the exact location of each matching search term.

Improved Search API for Repositories, Issues, and Users

Search isn’t just about code. We’re also launching a more powerful search API for repositories, issues, and users. With its more extensive set of query operators, and snippets showing the specific text that matched your search, you can quickly zero in on the items you’re looking for.

For full details, check out the announcement on the Developer Blog.

Happy searching finding!