GitHub’s on your phone

Image of Ben Bleikamp

Today we’re excited to ship mobile web views on GitHub.


Repositories, Issues, Pull Requests, blobs, history views, and Pulse are now much easier to use from a phone.

GitHub is a great tool for building and shipping software, but most of that building still requires a laptop or desktop computer. Our phones, on the other hand, aren’t great for creating things but they’re perfect for browsing and reading content. That’s what we focused on with the mobile site.

Mobile web

We find ourselves using GitHub from our phones more every day. Instead of opening a native app, we are clicking through from other apps like Twitter, Facebook, or our email client. These are perfect situations to build a site optimized for mobile devices.


With the mobile site we’ve tried to make it easy to explore new repositories and keep up with repositories that we’re active in every day.

Less fancy, more fast

A responsive interface is one of the most important parts of creating a great user experience. Like we did with Repository Next, we’ve put a huge emphasis on speed with our mobile site. By using very little JavaScript and writing CSS and markup specifically for mobile, we were able to reduce page sizes dramatically and make the site feel very fast.


To check it out, visit on your phone and tap around.