Every month we open our doors to the tech community and invite somewhere around 50 people to attend a Passion Projects talk here at GitHub HQ. We’ve grown to love the intimate feel of the events and the tight-knit communities they’ve inspired. While we wish we could invite everyone to experience them, we often meet capacity for the talks fairly quickly.

In an effort to share the Passion Projects experience with more people, we’ve partnered with Gild to throw our first-ever viewing party. Our friends at Gild’s SF office will be streaming Jessica Hische’s talk live, handing out plenty of Octocat stickers, and providing tasty treats and beverages for attendees.

Register to attend the viewing party here.

If you can’t make it to the talk or viewing party, join us later for a drinkup at Novela 🍻

Interested in hosting a viewing party of your own?

Connect with us at passion@github.com to see how your organization can get involved with Passion Projects.