Nearly two weeks ago, we announced support for rendering geographic data. Today, we’re excited to roll out several improvements:

  • GitHub now supports rendering TopoJSON, an extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology and can be up to 80% smaller than its GeoJSON equivalent.
  • Starting today, you don’t have to rename geo files with a new extension. GitHub will now render GeoJSON (and TopoJSON) in all .geojson, .topojson, and .json files.
  • Complex geographic datasets can often be difficult to visualize, especially if points are grouped close together. We now automatically cluster nearby markers, allowing us to better support larger datasets.

Embed Support

Want to make your geoJSON map available someplace other than GitHub? Simply modify this template, and place it in any HTML page that supports javascript, such as GitHub Pages, and you’ll have a beautiful, portable map:

<script src="<username>/<repo>/<ref>/<path_to_file>"></script>

For more information, including how to customize the embed code, see the help article Mapping geoJSON files on GitHub. Of course, you can always embed STL files as well.