GitHub Pages — the easiest way to quickly publish beautiful pages for you and your projects — just got a major upgrade. We’re now running Jekyll 1.0.2, which contains over 100 changes and new features. Some of the ones we’re most excited to start using:

  • Support for the Gist tag for easily embedding Gists (example)
  • Automatically generated post excerpts (example)
  • Save and preview drafts before publishing (example)
  • Lots of features that make creating and testing sites locally easier

You can read the full changelog to see exactly what’s new, and if you generally run Jekyll on your computer, we’d recommend you also check out the information on upgrading.

New to Jekyll? This release also marks the launch of a brand new documentation site designed to help new users dive right in.

Jekyll‘s come a long way since it started nearly five years ago, and this milestone marks the open source project’s first major release. Congratulations to all of the project’s contributors. 🎉