Jordan McCullough is a GitHubber

Image of Tim Berglund

The Training Team has added yet another trainer to our world-class team. You may have seen Jordan in an online or in-person class at some point in the past few months, but as of this week, he’s a full-time GitHubber! You’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.


Jordan comes to us from a background in front end engineering and UI design. He’s been mentoring his colleagues in Git for the past three years, and teaching and presenting on a variety of topics from photography to graphic design to JavaScript frameworks for the past ten years.

When he’s not teaching Git or following a new technology interest, there are a few others things that occupy his time:

  • Climbing overly tall mountains in underly warm weather
  • Obsessing over photography and camera gear in general
  • Cooking haute vegetarian cuisine

Demand for Git training continues to be huge, and we’re glad to be able to meet a small part of it. Having Jordan on board will help us meet that goal, and help us find new and more creative ways to teach more people about Git and the GitHub Way.

Follow Jordan on GitHub and Twitter.