GitHub for Mac has had support for OS X 10.8’s Notification
for quite
some time now. Today, we’re making our Notification Center feature even more
useful by tying them in with’s

Now, notifications will only appear for repositories and threads that you’re
watching, just like on We’ve removed the noisy notifications
about commits, branches, and tags.

We’re also adding the ability to mute threads straight from the app (when using
the “Alert” style from System Preferences):

Notification alert with Mute button

Muting matches exactly what you see on If you mute a thread from the
app, it will also be muted on the website, and vice-versa.

We’re hoping that you find notifications in GitHub for Mac a lot more useful
after these changes. Enjoy!

Update: We’ve since removed notifications from GitHub for Mac because the feature was kind of half-baked, and we prefer not to use half-measures. We might reintroduce it in a future release after we’ve had some more time to think about how it should work. In the meantime, we recommend that you use the website notifications or email notifications.