Starting today, you can move and rename files within your repositories on GitHub.

Renaming a file

You’ll notice that editing a file now lets you enter a new name for your file.

Renaming a file

But let’s see what else this field can do.

Moving files to new locations

You can also move files to entirely new locations using just the filename field.
To navigate down into a folder, just type the name of the folder you want to move the
file into followed by /. The folder can be one that’s already part of your repository,
or it can even be a brand-new folder that doesn’t exist yet!

moving a file to a new location

It’s just as easy to move files into folders above the file’s current location too.
To move a file up, place your cursor at the beginning of the filename field and either:

  • Type ../ to jump up a whole directory level.
  • Press backspace to move up a directory, while keeping the parent folder’s name
    around for quick changes.

Creating files in new locations

This functionality is also available when
creating files too, and means
you can now create new files anywhere in your repositories, even if the folder doesn’t
exist yet! 😃

Help and further information

For help with these features, be sure to read our help articles on renaming,
moving, and
creating files.