Ben Balter is a GitHubber

Image of Scott Chacon

Here at GitHub, we’re always humbled to see all the awesome ways government uses GitHub, which is why today we’re especially excited to announce that Ben Balter will be joining the GitHub team as the first ever Government Bureaucat, helping government to do all sorts of governmenty things well, more awesomely.

Ben’s been called one of the “baddest of the badass innovators” within government and we have to agree. Ben comes to GitHub by way of the White House, having served in the inaugural class of Presidential Innovation Fellows, while also somehow simultaneously earning both a JD and an MBA, and among other claims of fame, is proud to have made the first commit to GitHub on behalf of the Federal Government (did we mention he’s an open-source developer too?).

You can find Ben on Twitter and GitHub, and be on the lookout for some local gov. awesomeness coming to a government near you.