Jessica Roll is a GitHubber

Image of Tim Berglund

The Training Team continues to grow! This week we’re delighted to add Jessica Roll, our new training coordinator.

Jessica comes to us from a career as a recruiter in the tech industry. Now instead of turning the world upside down looking for new talent, she’ll be keeping the training team glued together by handling training sales, helping the trainers fly around the world, and generally thinking about how the team can do a better job making it easy for the world to use Git and GitHub.

Some fun facts about Jessica:

  • She goes by JRoll
  • She spent two years in Sydney, Australia
  • She studied for a semester in Florence, Italy
  • She once played on a Rugby team for an entire three weeks
  • She has worked for Lucasfilm, and refuses to be quoted on her opinion about Episode One
  • She likes piña colodas, but is ambivalent about the rain

We face a huge demand for training here at GitHub, so we’re really glad to have a force multiplier on the team. If you need our help, we’re about to get a lot more effective at giving it. Welcome, Jessica!