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GitHub Enterprise 11.10.300 Release

We're excited to announce the latest release of GitHub Enterprise. We're shipping this version with Issue Attachments, Contributions, and much more. Along with a variety of general improvements and adjustments,…

GitHub Enterprise 11.10.300 Release

We’re excited to announce the latest release of GitHub Enterprise. We’re shipping this version with Issue Attachments, Contributions, and much more. Along with a variety of general improvements and adjustments, this new release brings the following features from

In addition, we’re also including several new Enterprise specific features:

Repository Archives

This has been a frequently requested feature since we launched GitHub
Enterprise, and we’re happy to announce that it’s now available! Each
repository will have a link to download a zip archive of the master
branch, along with the ability to download tarball or zip archives of
the repository for any tags that have been set. This functionality is
backed by the same Nodeload service that serves these files for
You can get more background information about Nodeload
and here.

Screen 20Shot 202013-01-29 20at 202 40 01 20PM

Support for Multiple Admin SSH Keys

You can now add more than one SSH authorized key for the admin user on the
installation. It will automatically detect any existing keys that are installed
as well.

Screen 20Shot 202013-01-29 20at 202 21 57 20PM

Management Console API

A new API for managing GitHub Enterprise settings and maintenances has been
added. This new API allows you to update configuration settings, add admin
SSH authorized keys, upgrade, and enable or disable maintenance mode. You
can find full documentation for the API
This API has actually existed since the 11.10.280 release, so anyone on 11.10.280
or higher should be able to take advantage of the API. This will be especially
useful when you need to upgrade an Enterprise appliance on a remote network, so you
don’t have to upload new GHPs over slow connections.

Updated Admin Tools Dashboard

The Admin Tools dashboard has had a major overhaul! It now has a look and feel
that better matches the rest of the site.

Screen 20Shot 202013-01-29 20at 202 05 54 20PM

Faster Configuration Runs

Prior to 11.10.300, making any settings changes would cause a full
configuration run. The config run would take around 10 minutes to complete, even for minor changes. Now only the initial configuration run and upgrades take the full amount of time. If
you’re only making a settings change, runs can take 30 seconds or less now!

Deleted Repository Restoration

When a repository is deleted, it’s now banished to purgatory. Repositories in purgatory wait in
limbo for a month before being fully deleted. While in purgatory, any admin can
restore the repository with the push of a single button — including all issues,
pull requests, and any associated comments. Purgatory is accessible from the Admin
Tools view of any user on a GitHub Enterprise installation.

Screen 20Shot 202013-01-29 20at 202 16 23 20PM

Search Indexing API

With the addition of improvements to the search that shipped in this release, a
new API is now available to queue up repositories and users for indexing. You can
use this API to integrate into whatever other tools you use at your company.
Documentation for this API is available

We hope you enjoy these features as much as we do. Don’t forget that there is more information available about GitHub Enterprise at You can also see the full release notes here.

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