At GitHub, we love finding new ways to help people get in the zone.
Today we’re excited to announce a feature that we hope will do just that.
You’ll now find a Zen Mode button on every new comment, issue, and pull
request form across the site.


This will immediately launch you into Zen Writing Mode, removing all
distractions so you can focus completely on writing.


You can choose between two themes—light (above), or dark (below).


To change your theme, use the switcher at the top right of your window:


Zen Mode file editing

Zen Writing Mode is designed to work best when composing regular content
rather than code, so it’s also a perfect solution for writing documentation
within your projects. For this reason, we’ve made it available when
creating and editing
files. Simply use the Zen Mode button above the file box:



We all love emoji,
@mentions, and issue
, so you’ll be
glad to know that they’ve all been invited to the party.


Happy focusing!