Haleigh Sheehan is a GitHubber!

Image of Sonya Green

The Support team has been cranked up to 11. Haleigh joins us from the brisk land of Halifax, where she slides down icy hills in rainboots and does this. Previous to her joining the supportocats, Haleigh has curated awesome experiences in such fields as fine dining, fire-breathing, financial services, custom clothing design, and teaching dance.


Haleigh Fun Facts:

  • Her superpower is tea
  • She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the works of Terry Pratchett
  • Intimately knows the angst of regrowing eyelashes
  • Like 87% of the company, she’s worked as a barista
  • Her celebrity doppelganger is Ellen Page, who also hails from Halifax
  • She lives so far east in North America (shoutout to UTC -4), she bridges the gap between the European and North American supportocats

You can follow Haleigh on GitHub and Twitter.