Brent Beer is a GitHubber

Image of Matthew J. McCullough

Today, Brent has joined the Training Team to expand the world’s use of and improve their proficiency with Git and GitHub. He brings along a valuable background in Ruby that will add yet another programming language to the Training Team’s stable of expertise.

Brent is bracing himself for the epic amount of airline travel this role involves by arming himself with industrial strength multi-vitamins, chocolate chip Cliff Bars, and a Star Alliance frequent flyer card.

Brent Blinking

Brent has already spent several months pairing with Tim and Matthew, teaching our knowledge-thirsty students, and showing his clear passion for teaching in the classroom and online. We’re excited to finally have him on our team full-time.

You can look forward to all the new topics Brent will be bringing to both the free and paid classes our team offers. You can find Brent on GitHub at @brntbeer and on Twitter at, symmetrically, @brntbeer.