As our infrastructure continues to grow and evolve, it’s sometimes
necessary to perform system maintenance that may cause downtime. We
have a number of projects queued up over the coming months to take
our infrastructure to the next level, so we are announcing a scheduled
maintenance window on Saturday mornings beginning at
0500 Pacific.

We do not intend to perform maintenance every Saturday, and even when we
do, most of them will not be disruptive to customers. We are using
these windows only in cases where the tasks we’re performing have a
higher than normal level of risk of impacting the site.

We will always update our status site
before we begin and again when we’re done. In cases where we expect
there to be more than a few minutes of disruption we will also make
an announcement on the GitHub Blog by the
preceding Friday.

To get things started on the right foot, we will be performing an
upgrade of the software on some of our network switches this Saturday
during the new maintenance window. We do not expect this to cause any
visible disruption.