Sara Pyle is a GitHubber

Image of Sonya Green

Sara Pyle is joining the ranks of the supportocats! She comes to us fresh from the world of Library Science (which continues to be a real thing), having worked in IT support for librarians, which is kind of like watching the watchmen.

She has the social savvy of Clay Shirky, surfs the world wide web, and has been an actual webmaster. In fact, she’s basically like Julia Stiles in that one episode of Ghostwriter.

She can jam with console cowboys in cyberspace, has read Neuromancer, has experienced newscape, dreamscape, Netscape Navigator, AND cyberpunk.

When she’s not rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder or coddling a grumpy old cat, Sara bakes vegan things1, reads All The Books2, and hangs out with her husband and nieces.

She’s fixin’ to support y’all.


You can follow her on Twitter or on Goodreads.

1 Not because she’s vegan, but because she keeps forgetting to buy eggs.

2 Bonus if those books are graphic novels, intended for teenagers, and/or: fantasy, books about books/general meta, thrillers about serial killers/unsolved crimes, Tudor history, film/pop culture criticism, feature long digressive footnotes.