Andy Delcambre is a GitHubber!

Image of Brian Lopez

Keeping GitHub fast and reliable is no walk in the park. We like to think of our systems team as a tight-knit group of digital punk rockers who love nothing more than to live deep in the guts of GitHub’s infrastructure. Today, we’re super excited to announce that Andy Delcambre is joining our team to help keep our angry unicorns in their stable and continue to improve GitHub’s architecture in ways we haven’t yet realized.

Some fun facts about Andy:

  • He’s a third generation programmer
  • He’s the child (read: brainchild) of two CS majors
  • He was the first human to read Pro Git on a Kindle
  • He loves whiskey
  • He loves home-brewing beer
  • He loves whiskey

You can find him on Twitter and check out some of his handy work right here on GitHub. Buy him a glass of Macallan 25 year next time you see him!