Robert Sese is a GitHubber!

Image of Tekkub

Robert has the traditional “T” shape. He has tried his hand at many a programming language, has a BS in CS, has a MLIS, and always wins at Trivial Pursuit.

So what’s the stem to this T? He rocks at support. He writes tutorials for fun, co-founded a nonprofit computer learning/hack space, and, if you contact GitHub support, he will be there for you. He’s from Chicago, keeping it real in Portland, but on the lookout for the next stop.

Robert, what shoutouts do you have?

I would love to mention the dope-ness that is public libraries. I can’t stop streaming NPR stations (holler Chicago, Portland, and Bay Area stations). I think that Neil De Grasse Tyson is bananas. My current obsession is Film Critic Hulk. And I will see any movie with anybody.

Play them out, supportocat:

You can follow Robert on GitHub.