The second annual Octocat Dodgeball Tournament was held on Sunday, November 11, 2012, in San Francisco. Twenty teams joined us for five hours of ball throwing fun, in the process raising $62,000 for four amazing local charities: 826 Valencia, Second Harvest Food Bank, SF Public Libraries, and Streetside Stories.

The World Dodgeball Society even came out to announce and referee the matches; that’s WDS president and founder Michael “Handsome” Costanza addressing the crowd.

GitHub’s own Force Pushers were able to overcome last year’s winners, Heroku’s Dodging-Samurai-42, in the semi-finals.

vs heroku

The Force Pushers continued on to defeat the #1 ranked All Thumbs from Thumbtack to win the tournament…

thumbtack high five

…and most importantly, to bring home the Octotrophy at last!

victoryoctotrophy and louisa

Every team that participated raised at least $3,000 for our charities, and we’d like to give a special Thank You to New Relic for going above and beyond by donating $5,000!

new relic nerd life

Thanks to all the fans, friends, and families that came out to cheer!

heroku crowdjosie and scottthe ko cupidsally and lee

And finally, a big thanks to all the teams that participated: a16znam Style (Andreessen Horowitz), Angry Nerds and Takoyaki (Atlassian), Sofa Kings (Couchsurfing), Dodging-Samurai-42 (Heroku), The Failovers (Engine Yard), Hi-Ya&ChopChop (Hwa Rang Kwan Martial Arts Center), Look The F Out (Lookout), Data Nerds (New Relic), K.O. Cupids (OKCupid Labs), Obliterate-Y (Perforce), Highballers (, Ball And Oates (SoundTracking), Team Rhombus (Square), All Thumbs (Thumbtack), Tribalbrandits (Tribal Brands), and Parliament (Twilio) – we couldn’t have done it without you!

champs and patches

Photo credits: Orange Photography, @brianmario, @adelcambre, @newrelic, @bylochacon, @okcupidlabs, @leereilly, @mojombo