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The GitHub:Training Web Site is a Thing

The past six months have seen tremendous growth in GitHub's training organization. We've added people, we've added materials, and we've been to more places on the planet to help make…


The past six months have seen tremendous growth in GitHub’s training organization. We’ve added people, we’ve added materials, and we’ve been to more places on the planet to help make it easy for humans to use Git and GitHub. With a mere two million accounts on, we’ve got plenty more humans to talk to, but we’re up for the challenge.


Of course all of this work is going to require us to refine our web presence a bit. I’m very happy to present to you the new training site:

An Training Site

The new site is your online connection to everything the training team is up to—and that’s a lot:

  • A listing of current on-line and in-person events
  • Registration for online classes
  • Links to office hours
  • Links to free classes
  • GitHub training screencasts
  • External Git educational resources
  • Other speaking and teaching events the training team does all over Planet Earth

Team Growth

To support the increased training demand, we’ve enlisted the help of a developer and a designer inside GitHub. The designer, Coby Chapple, is largely responsible for the beautiful new training site we’ve just launched. The developer, Zachary Kaplan, is helping us build internal applications to streamline our proposal and client management processes. Look for more awesomeness from Zachary and Coby in the future.

Open-Source (Almost) Everything

We agree with our CEO’s famous dictum that just about everything we do should be open-sourced. To that end, we’ve begun to release our very own training materials for you to use, modify, and share. We’ve got all of our open-source materials up on our beta site. Take a look, fork the repo, and send us a pull request!

Request an event

If you’re interested in a private training session or in having a GitHubber speak at a conference you’re organizing, please get in touch with us. We travel all over the world helping people know and love Git and GitHub better, so there’s a good chance we can help you too. We are waiting to serve you.

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