You can already see all the repositories you’ve starred at, but today your Stars page just got a whole lot better.

Looking for a repository you starred? Search for it:

Search starred repositories

Filter by Language

Sometimes you can’t remember the name of a repository, though, so we’ve added a language breakdown of your stars, too:

Starred repository language filter

Filter by Repository Type

You can also filter your stars by what type of repository you’re looking for — public, private, and so on:

Starred repository type filter

Mix and match

The best thing? All of these filters are stackable, so you can search all of your stars for other people’s public JavaScript repositories matching “plugin”, for example.

Keyboard Navigation

As with most pages on GitHub, the Stars page responds to a few keyboard shortcuts:

  • Use j and k to move up and down the list quickly.
  • Type enter to go to the selected repository.
  • Press cmd+enter (OS X) or ctrl+enter (Windows, Linux) to open the selected repository in a new tab.
  • Hit / to quickly focus the search field.

Go ahead; check out the new Stars page.

Happy stargazing! 🌟 💫