Many GitHubbers are parents, so optimizing for happiness means thinking about the entire, extended GitHub family. We work on our own schedule, from anywhere in the world, doing the best work of our lives.

Our work styles means we’re able to make more time to play with our kids! It also means we can easily take time to care for them when they’re sick, and even swap childcare with coworkers for date nights.

In celebration of our growing GitHub family, we wanted to share a glimpse of some of the youngest ‘hubbers… the Octokittens:

On Thursdays we cater lunch in the office and invite our families to join us. It’s a cozy experience to regularly share meals and get to know our families and partners. During our biannual summits we include family events, for local and remote Hubbers and families to join in the kid-fueled fray.

Sure, we have other great benefits too, but our efforts to continually optimize for happiness is really what makes it possible for everyone to be so productive.