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First OctoGala a Success!

We hosted our first OctoGala here in San Francisco at Brick and Mortar. Not only did we have a night of glitz and glamor, but we were able to raise…


We hosted our first OctoGala here in San Francisco at Brick and Mortar. Not only did we have a night of glitz and glamor, but we were able to raise $7,000 for Running Chicken!

photo 31

The funds raised at the OctoGala will bring security to two core Running Chicken programs based near Kisumu, Kenya: a home and resource center for vulnerable children and a school-based feeding program. The children’s home currently houses 14 full time residents and is also open to kids in the community to visit for assistance. Monthly operating expenses include rent, utilities, food and cooking supplies, medical care and supplies, and educational fees and supplies (including school uniforms and shoes). Additional funds will ensure that we are better prepared to not only support the full time residents at our facility but also to serve other vulnerable children in the community who come to the children’s home for help. Additional funding will help maintain our library and will enable us to provide new sports equipment and art supplies – important resources for our residents that we aren’t always able to provide.

photo 102

The school-based feeding program guarantees students – many of whom walk a long way to and from school – at least one nutritious meal every day (even during weekends and holidays). Funds raised at the OctoGala will support our efforts to strengthen the infrastructure of this critical program and will also allow us to serve community members that sometimes turn to the school for emergency meals.

photo 128

With OctoGala funds, Running Chicken will also be able to launch and pilot a greenhouse farming project. Start-up costs often prevent good ideas with revenue generating potential from being implemented in the community we work with. This project represents a promising intervention that provides immediate return in the form of sustenance for the children’s home and school-based feeding program, and also presents the opportunity to generate sustainable revenues for these programs.

Check out the Glamtocats in action! If you want to see more pictures, just go to our online gallery.

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We’ll see you at the next one!

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