Tim Berglund is a GitHubber!

Image of Matthew J. McCullough

Today, Tim Berglund joins Matthew McCullough and Jared Koumentis on the GitHub Training team. Tim is an accomplished presenter and instructor and has spoken on the topics of both Git and GitHub, as well as having co-authored several O’Reilly books and videos.

Tim Berglund Speaking

Tim will be helping make GitHub Training more awesome through new classes, additional date options for training customers, new educational products, and innovative re-thinking of how the world’s educational and authoring systems function and how they could leverage GitHub.

Tim Berglund in The Maven

Fun Tim facts that missed the trading card printing run:

  • Tim has relaunched his personal blog on his GitHub starting day using GitHub. Inception.
  • Tim is a budding video producer, having launched Oh, The Methods You’ll Compose last year and soon to be launching his next year-in-the-making video.
  • Tim is a homebrewer that I can personally certify as capable of producing great beer.
  • Tim is a native of Littleton, Colorado, USA. Though he is just one small municipality away from Matthew McCullough, they primarily meet in airports and foreign countries during training events.

If you can’t get enough of Tim’s epic chops from this post, you can follow him on GitHub and Twitter.