The Git and GitHub plugins for Eclipse have leveled up today with version 2.0 released as part of Eclipse Juno.

We are proud to also be launching to highlight all the new features and improvements.

Eclipse Juno includes the 2.0 release of EGit, the Eclipse Git plugin, which has changed a lot since 1.0 with newly added support for submodules and stashing as well as tons of performance improvements.

These new features combined with improved support for merge, rebase, synchronize, and blame make EGit 2.0 the biggest release to date and definitely worth upgrading/installing today.

The 2.0 GitHub plugin has also come a long way with full support for working with Issues, Pull Requests, and Gists. You can also now search for and clone repositories from from within Eclipse.

Head on over to the new to download and read all about the improved Git and GitHub plugins available for Eclipse Juno.