We’re announcing the latest release of GitHub Enterprise. This latest release will incorporate the following new features from GitHub.com along with a myriad of tweaks, adjustments, and improvements that we’re constantly working on:

In addition to that, we’re also announcing several new Enterprise-specific features:

Configurable Time Zone & NTP Settings

The ability to configure the time zone and NTP servers GitHub Enterprise uses through our Management Console has been something we’ve received a lot of requests for. We’re happy to announce that this is now possible.

Ability to Disable Gravatars

On GitHub.com, all avatars are displayed using the Gravatar service (originally written by our very own @mojombo). This works great on GitHub.com, but you may not want referrer information leaking to those servers from your Enterprise installation. You’re now able to disable Gravatars and they’re now disabled by default as of this release.

Improved Configuration Page

There’s now more indication of how far you are through the configuration process when changing settings on your installation. It also gives you some idea of the progress that’s occurring as it happens. Keep in mind this will only show up the next time you save settings or upgrade after upgrading to this release.

Additional CLI Utilities

Our last release opened up limited SSH access to Enterprise administrators. With this release we’re continuing to add to the CLI utilities we included in that release. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new tools:

  • ghe-user-suspend / ghe-user-unsuspend – allows you to suspend or unsuspend users directly from the CLI
  • ghe-logs-tail – allows you to easily tail relevant log files without having to dig for them
  • ghe-diskusage – allows you to gather du information for areas the admin user doesn’t typically have access

You can get more information about GitHub Enterprise at https://enterprise.github.com/