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GitHub Enterprise 11.10.260 Release

We're excited to announce the latest release of GitHub Enterprise. The response to the product since its launch last November has blown us away and we'd like to tell you…

GitHub Enterprise 11.10.260 Release

We’re excited to announce the latest release of GitHub Enterprise. The response to the product since its launch last November has blown us away and we’d like to tell you about a few of the great things we’ve been working on to make it even better.

With few exceptions all new features introduced on have been released in Enterprise within a week or two of their announcements. This latest release will incorporate the following new features from

In addition to that, we’re also excited to announce several new Enterprise-specific features:


We’re happy to announce the release of SNMP support, expanding the monitoring options available for your GitHub Enterprise installation. This is a standard SNMP installation, so you can take advantage of the many plugins available for Nagios or the monitoring system of your choice.

Suspending User Accounts

Perhaps one of the most requested features we’ve had to date is an easy way to disable user accounts to free up seats when an employee leaves your company. With this release, we’ve added the capability to suspend user accounts. This will prevent the disabled user from logging in, pulling, or pushing code — it will also free up the seat allowing you to add a new user! All of the user’s comments, issues, repositories, etc. will remain available and the account can easily be unsuspended at a later date.

SSH Access

Since we released back in November, there has been much demand for some level of SSH access to our appliance. Starting with this release, we’re providing limited SSH access along with a host of CLI utilities.

Deny Force Pushes

We’ve also included the capability to toggle a setting for a repository that will deny force pushes. We’re planning on expanding this functionality in the future to be more flexible, but for now it’s a good way to prevent people from rewriting the history of a repository’s master branch if you want!

VMware Tools Installer

Since the Enterprise launch, we’ve been using Open VM Tools on our appliance — which is an open-source release of VMware Tools. Unfortunately, this has not really kept feature-parity with the official VMware Tools distribution and has resulted in some VMware-specific features not working properly. As of this release we’re including a utility that will let you uninstall Open VM Tools and install the version of VMware Tools compatible with your version of ESXi.

We have a lot of great new features for Enterprise that are coming up on the horizon, so stay tuned! You can get more information about GitHub Enterprise at

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