Ever pushed a new project to GitHub and wished you had the time or talent to make a beautiful page for it? Stop wishing. We’re proud to present the new GitHub Page Generator.

To take it for a spin, go to the admin page of one of your repositories and click the Automatic Page Generator button:

Automatic Page Generator button

Once you’ve filled out your page text, pick from one of our eight (and counting!) themes hand-crafted by GitHub designers and developers.

GitHub Page Generator Theme Picker

Pick one, click “Publish”, and you’re good to go!

Publish button

We’ve done some hardware upgrades recently, so if you’ve ever used GitHub Pages before, you should notice a big page build speed increase.

We’re super proud of these themes. A special thanks to all the folks who put in tons of work to make them:

Hack by Ben Bleikamp

Hack theme

Merlot by Cameron McEfee

Merlot theme

Slate by Jason Costello (he also designed the GitHub Page Generator!)

Slate theme

Time Machine by Jon Rohan

Time Machine theme

Leap Day by Matt Graham

Leap Day theme

Midnight by Matt Graham

Midnight theme

Minimal by Steve Smith

Minimal theme

Modernist by Steve Smith

Modernist theme

For more info on GitHub Pages, check out pages.github.com. For help, check the GitHub Pages documentation.