Matthew McCullough is a GitHubber

Image of Scott Chacon

Matthew McCullough has been doing training courses and drinkups for GitHub for over a year now. I’m happy to announce that Matthew (known as “Matt” by strangers, as “Matthew” by friends) has now transitioned to being a full time GitHubber!

Matthew’s the father of the arguably cutest Octocat, the Scarletteocat, jointly designed by both Scarlette and @jordanmccullough.


We asked him to do a pushup for every person he has taught how to use Git for us.


Matthew will now be able to concentrate 100% on helping people learn Git and GitHub though books, documentation, screencasts, in person training, conference workshops and online office hours and intro sessions like the one happening right now.

See our training page, his GitHub profile or Twitter to see what he’s up to.

Welcome Matthew!