Today we are announcing GitHub for Mac 1.2, an update we have dubbed Snow Octocat.


Just like its bigger-cat cousin Snow Leopard, the goal for this release was to increase the stability and speed of the app. Tests have proven that 1.2 is approximately 3.29 quadrillion times faster than 1.1 and 4293% less likely to crash. It’s science.

Along with a few nice touches, we couldn’t resist completely re-designing the branch browser (⌘B).

It is now easier to jump between branches without taking your hands off the keyboard. Not only that, but you can now create branches from the popover as well. Simply type the name of the branch you want to create and hit return.

This release is the result of 819 commits from our, recently expanded, team but we are just getting started.

We have big plans for the Mac app this year.

GitHub for Mac 1.2