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This week, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to
Goldman Sachs,
ID Software,
and Netflix
to the GitHub community! It’s been an eventful week.

We’re also pleased to announce that GitHub now supports the :trollface: emoji. You’re welcome.


UIKit is a small collection of flexible and cohesive components for the modern web. It strives to be as decoupled and elegant as possible. With an emphasis on (mostly) structure-only styling, UIKit makes it simple to apply application specific styling without cluttering your frontend codebase.

Checkout the project page to see it in action.

Awesome Repo of the Week


This satiric project is an RFC proposal that contains a new series of HTTP status codes covering developer mistakes.

Some notable additions in this faux RFC include:

  • 701 – Meh
  • 725 – It works on my machine
  • 782 – QA

We’ve all been there.

Remarkable Repos

  • crateio/crate-site:
    This ambitious project strives to be a mirror of the Python Packge Index, with some new features added on top. It focuses on presenting an extremely stable interface to packaging applications while tailoring to the needs of developers. Crate is already in beta, but is still under active development. Pull requests welcome!
  • ileitch/hijack:
    Hijack is a Ruby debugging utility that allows you to connect to any Ruby process and execute code as if it were a normal irb session. It does not require any special code in your target process. By using gdb to inject a payload into the already-running Ruby process, starting a DRb server, hijack detaches gdb and reconnects via DRb. Awesome stuff.
  • Olivine-Labs/Alchemy-Websockets:
    An extremely efficient C# WebSocket server, compatible with both Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and MonoDevelop. This LGPL + MIT licensed project supports the hixie-76, hybi-10, and hybi-17 websocket protocols.
  • ngmoco/falcore:
    A framework for constructing high performance, modular HTTP servers in Go. Falcore is different than most servers because it separates the upstream and downstream request pipelines — there is a separate downstream pipeline which runs against the response before it is returned to the client. It also supports zero-downtime deploys and SSL without the need for a proxy.

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