@mentions are a great way to pull someone into a issue or pull request. Internally we use a /cc convention to call out people. A lot of our issues look something like:

You may have noticed, but the number of GitHubbers has been growing. We needed a faster way to include others on tickets.

The new @mention autocompleter

Type an @ and you should see a list of people on the project. Continue typing to filter the list and hit enter or tab to complete the name. You can also use arrows to select the second or third person.

The result set is restricted to repo collaborators and any other participants on the thread. So it’s not a full global search. But this makes it really fast and you’ll probably find those are the people you were looking for anyway.

The search uses the same fuzzy filter as the file finder. It works for both usernames and full names.

It’s enabled on blog comments too, so give it a try.