John Nunemaker is a GitHubber

Image of Chris Wanstrath

Today marks John Nunemaker’s first day as a GitHubber. Formerly Ordered List’s CTO, John will help make GitHub even better using his experience scaling web services, bringing beautiful interfaces to life, launching amazing products, and running a successful company. He lives in South Bend, Indiana.


If you’ve done any Ruby programming at all you’ve almost certainly used one of John’s open source contributions. From HTTParty and the Twitter gem to MongoMapper and Toystore, John does a bit of everything. He’s also been blogging for years at RailsTips and Addicted to New.

For even more check out his Speaker Deck presentations, Tumblr, Flickr photos, code, and Tweets.

Full disclosure: I’m a huge jnunemaker fanboy.

Welcome to the team, John!