Sonya Green is a GitHubber

Image of Chris Wanstrath

If you’ve contacted GitHub Support recently you may have had the pleasure of chatting with the one and only Sonya Green. If you attended PyCodeConf there’s a good chance you met her (over mojitos?) as well.

Sonya has been with GitHub for months helping with support and today joins the team full time. She’s played a huge role in streamlining our support workflow and making sure everyone gets the attention they deserve, from prompt responses to excellent emails. We’re super excited to have her spending even more time making your GitHub experience a great one.

We hope you’ll never have to contact GitHub Support, but if you do Tekkub, Petros, and now Sonya will take great care of you.

For more on Sonya, follow her on Twitter or read her blog.

Welcome to the team, Sonya!