Today we’re launching GitHub Enterprise: a self-hosted GitHub for your company.

GitHub Enterprise

Easy, Secure, and Powerful

GitHub Enterprise has all the great stuff you’ve come to expect from GitHub: commit histories, code browsing, compare views, pull requests, issues, wikis, gists, organizations and team management, powerful APIs, and a beautiful web interface. With GitHub Enterprise, you can run those features locally, on your own server.

But we’ve also built a lot more into GitHub Enterprise. Support for LDAP and CAS so you can use your existing corporate authentication systems. Full system backups of all of your data. We also help you set up access over HTTPS so you can be safe and secure.

When you own the server, you can do some very cool things.

Technically Speaking

We first launched the precursor to GitHub Enterprise, GitHub Firewall Install, over two years ago. As it’s grown into a bigger part of our business, we’ve learned to design a great, installable product. GitHub Enterprise is the result of the last twelve months of hard work.

GitHub Enterprise is delivered in the industry-standard OVF format, which means you’ll be able to run it on virtualization layers like VMware, VirtualBox, and Oracle VM. Once installed, we’ll take you through a brief setup, then you’ll be off and running.


GitHub Enterprise is priced at $5,000 per 20 users, per year. It comes with everything you need in one tidy package: code browsing, code review, issue tracking, wikis. No extra software to buy, no extra software to install, no extra software to manage.

There’s even a free 45-day trial. We think you’ll love it.

Use GitHub. You’re in Good Company.

Check out the GitHub Enterprise FAQ for more details, sign up for a free trial, or ping us directly at if you have questions- we’d love to hear from you.