Justin Palmer is a GitHubber

Image of Kyle Neath

Today marks Justin Palmer’s first day at GitHub. He’ll be bringing his design & coding skills to make our Mac client, iOS apps and everything in between awesome.

Justin was one of the first core members of Prototype.js, designed Lighthouse and has a ton of interesting Objective-C and Javascript projects on his GitHub profile. Check out some of his projects:

  • portlandcrime – Mapping crime in Portland, OR.
  • HTTPRiot – An Objective-C HTTP library.
  • GitNub – One of the first graphical OSX Git applications.

Fun fact: Justin helped with design of FamSpam, @defunkt and @pjhyett’s company prior to GitHub, co-founded ActiveReload with @technoweenie to create Lighthouse and worked with me at ENTP in previous life. It seems appropriate we’re re-uniting the crew just as Gears of War 3 is released.

You can find Justin at http://labratrevenge.com/, @Caged on Twitter, and Caged on GitHub.